GAS ZAPPERS is a series of interactive online art game that tackles climate change. The game’s protagonist is the polar bear—that victimized, yet cuddly symbol of global warming. Players embody the polar bear as it progresses through different climate change scenarios: Venice under water, a forest threatened by bulldozers, and an altercation with vicious oil derricks.

GAS ZAPPERS have different gaming scenarios with custom designed gameplay addressing the various components of global warming. Each scenarios embody a specific environmental identity addressing the causes, problems and possible solutions to the various scientifically proven contributors to elevated global temperatures. The project is made possible by Tribeca Film Institute.


Take the Polar Bear back to his own home in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and fight the evil bloodsucking oil drilling empire.


Use the solar panel to defend the earth! Block the greenhouse gas from the top four CO2 emissions countries- China, United States, Russia and India

Save Venice

IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri is dressed as an undercover “Moses” gondolier at Venice, Italy. Help him save the sinking city by deterring the tsunami.