Oil by MC Paul Barman
– official theme song of GAS ZAPPERS
You can listen to the song at MC Paul Barman’s MySpace page.


OIL (lyrics excerpts)
“Whales, coal and timber burn for tinder.
Global warming makes a colder winter.
The Chernobyl warning didn’t hinder.
Nuclear, which may be cleaner than coal cinders, killed millions on the whole, but
neither is ideal so slow your role!
You can’ love the first and hate the latter.
There’s always an effect when you change a state of matter.
We took the gas out the grounds and put it in the skies.
The morass compounds as China industrializes.
Demands can’t and never will again meet supplies.” ….

“Who’ll predict the new immigration
when the sky inflicts fire, hurricane and desertification, famines and floods,
islands go glug and malaria spreads to new areas from bugs.”