DESIGN21 Social Design Network, a an international design competition launched in 1994 by UNESCO and Felissimo, is having a competition called “Global Warming- Heat Issue“. Paticipants are asked to design an awareness campaign to educate the public on the issue of global warming. The deadline of submission is June 17, 2007.

“The impact of climate change is a heated issue, sparking controversy in political and scientific arenas. Most agree, however, that humans are largely responsible for generating the conditions that are driving the problem.

This competition asks participants to create an educational campaign to raise public awareness of the problem of global warming and the contribution of our daily lifestyle and activities to this phenomenon. The aim of the campaign is to provoke people to think about the issue and how their individual consumer choices and energy consumption play into the equation.

Your entry may address the broader topic of global warming or highlight a specific factor � but any facts contained in your entry must come from a verifiable source (you must quote the sources of your information in your project description).

The campaign may employ any media (print, billboard, clothing, film, animation, music etc) or a combination of formats.”

There are also two other competition: Child’s Play and Shelter Me.