From TreeHugger:

“Mark Oberholzer, a runner-up in the Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition, has proposed a new Jersey barrier design. After researching alternatives to energy, Oberholzer proposed integrating turbines into the barriers between highway lanes to take advantage of the wind generated by passing cars to create energy. He believes that Jersey barriers are perfectly positioned to utilize this wind and, by replacing sections of solid concrete with turbines, he thinks they could not only power highway lights but also harvest enough energy to power a light-rail line. Although the concept is still in the research stage, Oberholzer keeps learning more as he continues to flesh out the idea. For example, his original proposal suggested a single row of vertical-axis rotary turbines but he’s recently discovered that double-stacked Darius turbines will capture the wind from both directions more efficiently. He told Metropolis, “The peaks of traffic flow more or less coincide with those of energy use” and suggested that rush-hour chaos on the highways could actually help power the commute for public-transport users. Brilliant! Via ::Metropolis

New Jersey is infamous for giving speeding tickets. I guess next time if I got busted I can tell the highway patrol I am just trying to help the environment.