Original Article via Slashdot:

There is an good video on NPR about how real human reactions translate to the virtual world. It’s interesting in view of the question posted here about rape in Second Life. The video covers a little experiment in SL where a reporter gets together with a psychologist to see if some unspoken human rules apply in the virtual world — such as staring or standing too close to someone. Perhaps surprisingly, in this world where you can be or do just about anything, you can’t break these unspoken rules with impunity.

Gawker have a story of hiring somebody to rape yourself for 220 linden dollars. Technology Review has an article about Second Life residents rise up to protest increasing technical problems due to burgeoning population.

And at last, Reuters actually has a News Center dedicated only to SL. Other news blog reporting news in (not about) SL includes SLNN, Second Life Herald and SL Daily News.