German architect Eckhard Gerber reveals the Burj al Taqa, “Energy Tower“, a 68 stories high office building that powers itself through solar, wind and water installations with zero emissions.

“The Burj al-Taqa’s cylindrical shape is designed to expose as little surface area to the sun as possible.” The building is designed to act like a Thermos Flask that “have a cooling effect in the summer and retain heat in the winter.” Besides using seawater to pre-cool the air, the eco-friendly building also draws inspiration from the Persian wind towers “Badgirs“, which use “clever design to create natural air conditioning- Cool air will be sucked down into the tower while hot air will rise out.” The electricity will come from a “60-meter (197-feet) turbine on the tower roof and two photovoltaic facilities with a total area of 15,000 square meters (161,459 square feet).”

(Original article via Spiegel Online)