WTF? Dump 45 tonnes of iron dust into the sea to feed phytoplankton for “ecorestoration” then sell those “carbon credits” to hotels as a form of combating climate change?

Planktos Inc., which has offices in Vancouver and San Francisco, wants to set sail this month from Florida to dump more than 45 tonnes of iron dust into the sea near the Galapagos Islands.

The iron nutrients would stimulate the growth of phytoplankton, which would then absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide — an experimental process Planktos compares to reforestation. Planktos Inc. says phytoplankton, seen in bright blue and green, would be increased if iron dust was dumped in the ocean, boosting carbon dioxide absorption.

A for-profit “ecorestoration” company, Planktos plans to sell carbon credits from this type of project to firms like Vancouver’s Wedgewood Hotel and Spa, which has agreed to buy 5,000 tonnes of carbon credits.

The firm launched its two-year “Voyage of Recovery” program in March, launching a public relations campaign in Washington, D.C., to promote its “green message of hope.”

original article via Free Republic