Zap-X by Zap + Lotus

ZAP has announced with Lotus Engineering the development of the new ZAP-X Crossover, incorporating distinct technological advancements that will result in one of the most advanced electric cars ever developed. ZAP and Lotus are utilizing the award-winning APX lightweight aluminum architecture design to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and utility for electric cars. The drive system alone is enough to excite driving fanatics, featuring an innovative all-wheel drive option with revolutionary electric motors inside each of the wheels, potentially delivering 644 horsepower and speeds up to 155 mph. An advanced battery system will enable the car to travel a range up to 350 miles between charges, with a rapid charge technology that can recharge the batteries in as little as 10 minutes.”

This car looks like it was inspired in part from the Hypercar concept introduced years ago by The Rocky Mountain Institute. The car is scheduled to cost $60,000 U.S. scrilla, a bit spendy but I think it is better value than most (any?) other cars priced at $60,000. This car blows away the supposedly “eco-friendly” hybrids on the market now as well as ANY typical combustion powered cars! The car also boasts on board PC, photovoltaic solar collecting windows, biodegradeable batteries and more! Kudos that it doesn’t look like the typical intentionally wierd electric car. Definitely a better foray into the world of efficient, all electric, combustion-free automobiles. We’ll see how it pans out after it is in production. Next steps… make the energy source 100% free and decentralized.

View the PDF overview of the Zap-X