Google to Invest in Geothermal

Renewable Energy Comments Off on Google to Invest in Geothermal is investing a little over $10 million in the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, or EGS.

EGS drills deep — miles down — to access layers of heated granite that exist underfoot everywhere on the planet. Water can be circulated downward for heating, and then upward to drive turbines and generate electricity.

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Make solar cells in pizza oven

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Nicole Kuepper, a PhD student and lecturer in the school of photovoltaic and renewable energy engineering at the University of NSW Australia has developed a simple, cheap way of producing solar cells in a pizza oven.

From Sydney Morning Herald:

Today’s photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to electricity are expensive and need sophisticated, “clean” manufacturing plants.

Ms Kuepper realised a new approach would be needed if affordable cells were to be made on site in poorer countries: “What started off as a brainstorming session has resulted in the iJET cell concept that uses low-cost and low-temperature processes, such as ink-jet printing and pizza ovens, to manufacture solar cells.”

While it could take five years to commercialise the patented technology, providing renewable energy to homes in some of the least developed countries would enable people to “read at night, keep informed about the world through radio and television and refrigerate life-saving vaccines”. And it would also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ms Kuepper said that the solar cells should be of high enough quality to be used anywhere in the world, including Australia.

More-Efficient Solar Cells

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“By changing the way that conventional silicon solar panels are made, Day4 Energy, a startup based in Burnaby, British Columbia, has found a way to cut the cost of solar power by 25 percent, says George Rubin, the company’s president.

The company has developed a new electrode that, together with a redesigned solar-cell structure, allows solar panels to absorb more light and operate at a higher voltage. This increases the efficiency of multicrystalline silicon solar panels from an industry standard of about 14 percent to nearly 17 percent. Because of this higher efficiency, Day4’s solar panels generate more power than conventional panels do, yet they will cost the same, Rubin says. He estimates the cost per watt of solar power would be about $3, compared with $4 for conventional solar cells. That will translate into electricity prices of about 20 cents per kilowatt-hour in sunny areas, down from about 25 cents per kilowatt-hour, he says.”

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I have been doing research on more social games (see my old post) and came across Harpooned– a free downloable game about whaling in Japan.

Harpooned is a free game for Windows. It is a Cetacean Research Simulator, where you play the role of a Japanese scientist performing research on whales around Antarctica.

Space Movers: The Bloom Initiative

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Social Gaming Network (SGN) is known for making popular Facebook apps and games. They just release a new green game called “Space Movers: The Bloom Initiative” focus on tree conversations.

From Market Watch:

SGN has united with the Arbor Day Foundation to re-grow forests around the world. SGN will donate up to $50,000 of Space Movers game revenue — equivalent to planting 50,000 new trees — to the Arbor Day Foundation. With the help of donors and corporate sponsors like SGN, the Arbor Day Foundation works to support positive tree conservation and education projects. SGN will also provide the opportunity for users to donate money to the Arbor Day Foundation from within the game.

Space Movers is the first social game production of its kind. The game was designed in-house at SGN, with an original soundtrack and advanced social gaming features and branded with the Arbor Day Foundation’s logo throughout the game. Space Movers will first be available on Facebook and soon players will be able to compete asynchronously with old friends and new opponents on additional social networks like MySpace and Bebo. With the release of this game, SGN has catapulted social gaming to the next level. Not only does Space Movers include adorable characters, a quick paced gaming experience, and a catchy beat — but game play is now a meaningful and world changing experience.

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