• Bring the Polar Bear back home through the melting icebergs- by jumping, dodging and attacking the oil barrels.
  • YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LIFE IF FALL INTO THE ICE WATER! It is highly polluted by humans’ waste!
  • After you destroy enough oil barrels, an Arctic Tern bird will drop a Nobel Peace Prize. Collect these prizes for special moves later.
  • Once you get to the solid ice sheet be sure not to stay still too long since the ice is constantly melting behind you.
  • Also be sure to stay out of the way of DIck Cheney’s SUV.
  • Once you meet the Evil Oil Emperor you will get instructions on how to use your special moves.


  • You need a relatively fast computer to play this game smoothly.
  • Flash Player 9 is required to play this game


  • Over the past century, the average temperature of the world’s arctic regions has increased by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Evidence of rapid warming is everywhere in the Arctic Refuge, but it is most apparent for the polar bear. Polar bears require sea ice to hunt for seals, their preferred prey. Polar ice is thinning, melting earlier in the spring, and pulling away from the coasts making it increasingly difficult for polar bears to survive.(source)
  • Nestled between the Brooks Range Mountains and the shores of the Beaufort Sea in remote northeast Alaska, the narrow coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge is the biological heart of this untamed wilderness. (source)
  • The Refuge contains the greatest diversity of animal life of any conservation area in the circumpolar region. (source)
  • But Big Oil, supported by the Bush administration and pro-drilling advocates in Congress, continues to concoct schemes to open the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas drilling- despite indisputable proof that oil drilling irreparably damages the fragile tundra and its wildlife. (source)
  • Oil development would permanently harm polar bear denning habitat. Denning polar bears are extremely sensitive to industrial activity. Females may abandon their dens if disturbed, which usually is fatal for cubs unable to fend for themselves. (source)

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